Rose Quartz [Square Cut]

Wild Little Coyote

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Rose Quartz [Square Cut]
Rose Quartz [Square Cut]

Striking square-cut rose quartz ring features a sterling silver prong-setting. Ring measures US size 7.

**This one-of-a-kind ring is able to be re-sized!
 Please inquire about available sizing options and pricing (prior to purchase) by emailing me at hello[at]

[Humble, yet Powerful]

Rose quartz has a subtle beauty that envelops the wearer in a protective, loving shield. It activates our heart, clears emotional blockages, and allows us to deeply connect with our friends, family, and partners. A stone of friendship and a stone of love, rose quartz enables us to make sense of the chaos within ourselves and the outer world. It enables us to channel that wild and unyielding energy into something soothing, beautiful and whole amidst all of our imperfections.

Want to create a custom ring of your own? Message me at hello[at] or find more information about custom pieces here.

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