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Moldavite Necklace

Wild Little Coyote

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Moldavite Necklace

Otherworldly moldavite + 14k solid gold prong-set pendant. 18" necklace features a solid gold chain with spring clasp closure.

This cutie was created, cleansed and charged under the eve of the Full Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is a perfect piece for embracing major changes, letting go of anything that is limiting your true potential, embracing your most imaginative dreams and adventurous endeavors, and centering yourself amidst the chaos of the uncertain as you blossom into your best and brightest self. xo 

**The chain on this one-of-a-kind necklace is able to be customized! Please inquire about available chain length options and pricing (prior to purchase!) by emailing me at hello[at]



Want to create a custom piece of your own? Message me at hello[at] or find more information about custom pieces here.


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