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Moss Agate: [Lion's Gate Portal/New Moon in Leo]

Wild Little Coyote

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Moss Agate: [Lion's Gate Portal/New Moon in Leo]
Moss Agate: [Lion's Gate Portal/New Moon in Leo]
Moss Agate: [Lion's Gate Portal/New Moon in Leo]

Feeling inspired? Let's make some magic, baby!

Select your metal, select your setting, and I'll create the custom piece of your dreams together with you! ♥ xo   

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CUSTOMIZATION NOTES: Your piece will be made exactly as custom-ordered. Additional finishing options are listed below. A helpful reference guide can be found here. (It will walk you through different finishing options for your piece and contains answers to many commonly asked questions!) If you are interested in solid gold pricing for this piece, please email me at hello[at]wildlittlecoyote.com

**For custom rings, please enter your desired ring size into the notes section at checkout. Custom necklace pricing is for standard, 16" necklace chains. You can add additional length to your necklace here. You can upgrade your necklace to a fancy chain here.

Want to get creative? You can add additional finishing details to your pieces by following these links:

*Add a double halo here.
*Add a solar ray here.
*Add a lariat drop here.

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Moss agate is one of my all-time favorite gemstones! These stunning crystals were created after volcanic explosions. The "moss" you see suspended within the agate, is not actually moss at all— it's all of the different oxides and minerals that were encapsulated within the stones as they cooled and formed. Each one looks like a tiny painting or scenic getaway and I love just how special and unique they all are!

These stones are A+ for new beginnings. Like a phoenix rising from the ash, they remind us that all of the chaos and change that we weather creates some of the most beautiful, resilient, and treasured qualities about ourselves. Choose this cutie if you're bracing for an upcoming change or move, if you're letting go of anything that is holding you back, if you're working through trauma or major energy shifts while practicing self-love and acceptance.

**This crystal cutie was cleansed and charged under the eve of the Lion's Gate Portal on the night of the new moon in Leo. This is a perfect gemstone for manifesting your future goals and dreams, beginning new creative endeavors and tuning into your truest self!

>> Open to customization suggestions? This beauty would look stunning as a sterling silver or 14k solid gold prong-set ring. ♥ xo

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