Custom Pet Portrait Necklace Guide


**Please read the following carefully as it includes important and helpful information along with answers to many commonly asked questions about the custom pet portrait jewelry process! Due to the large volume of correspondence I receive, I am not able to reply to questions that are specifically covered in the following guide. Thank you for understanding.**

Choosing A Reference Photo:
For your custom pet portrait jewelry I will work directly from photo reference. I recommend choosing a photo that captures your pet's personality and makes you happy to look at! If you have difficulty selecting a favorite, feel free to reach out as I am always happy to help you narrow down your photo choice :)

**Important: I will draw your pet's expression as it appears in your photo. If there is a simple request you would like me to enhance when I draw your portrait, this must be communicated when you send over your photo file.
The following are examples of notes to include along with your photo:
* If your pet has a particular feature you would like enhanced: (long eyelashes, a snaggletooth, a particular hairstyle of theirs, their hair obscuring their eyes, etc.)
* If your pet has a particular expression you would like me to modify: (for example your pet is snarling in a photo, but you would like me to make it look like they are smiling instead of snarling.)
>>> If you wish to combine simple finishing elements from two separate photos this is sometimes possible. (For example, if you like your pet's smiling expression in one photo, but would like me to reference their perky ears from a different photo/pose.)
**Please note that I do my best to honor simple enhancement requests! I will confirm prior to starting work if a client's requests are unreasonable or not  feasible to accommodate. 

Traditional pet portrait jewelry orders will include a single pet's face portrait only.
If you purchased a full-body piece, if you upgraded to include a custom accessory, and for multiple pet portrait pieces, please be sure to include your additional reference images. For multiple pet portrait custom work, you can send your favorite photo of each pet and I will draw them together!

**Edit and enhancement requests must be communicated and confirmed prior to starting on your portrait. Occasionally, I am able to rework a drawing if you decide you want to change a feature or reference a different photo after I have completed my sketch. However, this service is not included with the cost of the necklace and any additional revisions of this nature (*client changing their mind and selecting a different photo or requesting a new pose/edits not previously communicated) will incur a subsequent portrait fee.

Lastly, I do ask that you familiarize yourself with my work as all of my portraits are made-to-order in my unique hand-drawn style. Pet jewelry will not feature a hyper-realistic portrait (chemical etching has its limitations) nor will it be a photo-copied image of your pet. I am not interested in replicating other artists' work! Please do not send images of previous portrait artwork for me to reference for your custom piece. Thank you!

What to Expect— Correspondence and Turnaround Times for Custom Work:

The majority of my handmade work is custom art which means I receive an overwhelming amount of correspondence via email and text. On average, there are between 70-100+ paid-in-full custom orders ahead of you in line (during non-holiday seasons). I choose to prioritize working in my studio in order to complete everyone's pieces and move through the line as quickly as possible! 

Because of this, it can be very normal to experience extended periods of wait-time between emails. (This can be a few days up to a few weeks depending on my current custom workload.) Please note that if you haven't heard back from me, I am never ignoring you, and you are always welcome to touch base or check-in as we work together on your piece! :)
Most custom jewelry pieces average between 8-12 weeks turnaround time. Please allow for flexibility— handmade takes time. Many pieces will have a faster turnaround, and some will require a longer working time frame.  I am often able to rush pieces and you are welcome to message me about rush availability and pricing for your particular project.

All custom orders are final sale. Custom items are not eligible for return or exchange. Thank you for understanding and thank you for supporting my art! Now let's make some magic together— xo