Monarch Opal Necklace

Wild Little Coyote

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Monarch Opal Necklace

It's elemental, my dear, and science is sweet! 14k yellow gold-filled necklace features an 18" prong-set chain with spring clasp closure.  The pendant on this maginificent monarch beauty features a hidden sterling silver back.

Crystal Notes: Monarch opals are a lab-created opal and feature a stunning color palette that mirrors the depth and vibrance of their naturally-occurring opal counterparts! As an added bonus, these babies are stronger and more resilient than a traditional opal (which makes them the perfect pairing if you're looking for an everyday, low-maintenance opal piece).

**If you are looking for a naturally-occurring opal (handmade by mama earth!), check out my Australian opal, Ethiopian opal, and boulder opal custom pieces and gemstones! 


**The chain on this one-of-a-kind necklace is able to be customized! If you would like a shorter chain, please type the measurement in the "notes" section at checkout. For a longer necklace chain, follow this link to customize!

Want to create a custom piece of your own? Shop the Let's Get Custom! collection or find more information about custom pieces here. xo

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