Mother of Pearl [Hand-Carved Rose]

Wild Little Coyote

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Mother of Pearl [Hand-Carved Rose]
Mother of Pearl [Hand-Carved Rose]

Ephemeral hand-cut mother of pearl ring features a 14k rose gold-filled prong-setting. Ring measures US size 6

**This one-of-a-kind ring is able to be re-sized!
 Please inquire about available sizing options and pricing (prior to purchase) by emailing me at hello[at]

[A Mama's Love]

Mother of Pearl carries the calming protection of the ocean within it. It is a soothing crystal perfect for balancing our emotions and bringing comfort in times of change or distress. Mother of pearl fosters our sensitivity and adaptability, aids in decision-making, and brings a tranquility and peace to those that carry or wear it.

Want to create a custom ring of your own? Message me at hello[at] or find more information about custom pieces here.

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